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first off, there are waaay to many sparkle dogs on deviantart. but thats just me. the colors dont match at all realy, and ita a bit blinding. i would suggest using more natural colors to make it look more realistic/natural. and how can the animal be a girl, and the tail be a boy? it deosant make sens. and the nets on the leg, they are not ushualy used on animals. the legs are realy skinny and the heads a bit too round, and the ear looks like ats half cut off. it shouldent attach to the hair like that. but the back looks good. and the way the colors on the fur is (spots and stripes and the skull) the main body of the animal looks like its not realy furry/fluffy. and the tail should have more fur on it.

1 out of 1 deviants thought this was fair.


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